Sample: Embedded Requesting Workflows Using the HelloSign and Dropbox APIs

// By Ruben Rincon  and Taylor Krusen • Oct 28, 2020

In early 2019, Dropbox acquired HelloSign, a company that offers an eSignature API by developers, for developers. Now, in addition to the best-of-breed storage and collaboration provided by the Dropbox API, developers have the ability to generate signed, legally binding documents. Combining these two APIs is quite a powerful tool for developers to have in their toolbox.

We’re releasing a new sample that combines the functionality of the HelloSign API and Dropbox API into a single, cohesive app.

The code is available in the HelloSign Developer Samples GitHub repo.

In the sample app, you can select a file from your Dropbox account, preview it, prepare it, and send the file for signature without ever leaving the web page. Once all signatures are completed, HelloSign will notify the server and the signed document will be automatically be saved back to Dropbox in the same folder as the original file.

Some of the technology making this sample possible:

  • The Chooser is a pre-built component which allows users to select their files in Dropbox
  • The Embedder is a pre-built component that allows users to embed Dropbox content on non-Dropbox surfaces
  • The hellosign-embedded library allows users to prepare and send their documents for signature without leaving the web page
  • The Dropbox JavaScript SDK and the HelloSign NodeJS SDK interact with their respective APIs

We’re here to help if you have any feedback or questions. You’re always welcome to join the discussion on our community forum.

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