A fix to the /shares API call

// By Ramesh Balakrishnan • Mar 21, 2012

We made a small change to the /shares API call earlier today that makes it consistent with the intended behavior (as documented).

Previously, /shares usually returned a direct link to the contents of the file or folder itself. Now, it will always return a link to a preview page — an HTML page with a preview of the file with an option to download it. Files shared from the Public folder will also return a preview page rather than a direct link.

This change affects all developers using the /shares call who rely on the returned link being a direct link to file contents. If you are generating the link to allow users to share it with others then you won't be affected.

This change was first announced via email to all developers using /shares before Feb. 1. Since then, some more developers have begun using this call. To give these developers enough time to switch over, we’re grandfathering the old behavior for them until April 15. Everyone else has the ability to create the new preview links now.

Please email us at api-program@dropbox.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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