Announcing the Dropbox for Business API

// By Leah Culver • Dec 03, 2014

Today we're excited to launch the new Dropbox for Business API.

Dropbox for Business provides additional storage and security features specifically for companies, and now these features are available via the API! If you're new to Dropbox for Business, you can find out more here.

New API endpoints

First, we've added lots of new API endpoints, specifically for businesses. Your app can now get info about your Dropbox for Business team and team members. Your app can also manage team members with endpoints to add, remove, and update your Dropbox for Business team. Want to know more about your team's activity? Check out the new reports and audit log API endpoints.

Member file access

In addition to new API endpoints, apps with Team member file access permission can make Core API calls on behalf of any member of a Dropbox for Business team. This allows your app to provide admins with additional security and monitoring features.


Two new types of webhook notifications are available for Dropbox for Business apps. First, your app can receive per-user notifications of updates for all members of a Dropbox for Business team, similar to the existing webhook notifications. Second, your app can receive notifications of changes to team membership such as when a user is invited to a team, a member's profile or permissions are updated, or a member is removed from a team. Find out more about Dropbox for Business webhooks.

Creating a Dropbox for Business app

To use the new Dropbox for Business API, you'll need to create a new app in the Dropbox App Console. You'll see that there are new permissions that allow access to certain Dropbox for Business API features.

Try out the new Dropbox for Business API and let us know what you think. We're excited to see what you build!

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