Announcing the v1 to v2 migration guide

// By Alexandra Feldman • Apr 11, 2016

UPDATE JUNE 29, 2016 This post now has been updated to include new information about open issues.

Developers, it’s time to start migrating your apps to API v2. To help with this transition, today we’ve published a migration guide that will take you through all of the changes you’ll need to make to get your app running on API v2.

While you’re transitioning your app off of v1, you can also check out the new features available in v2. There’s support for enhanced sharing, searching, and more. Remember, any new functionality in the Dropbox API will only be added to API v2. So, upgrade your apps to v2 now, and make sure your users are getting the most out of your app’s Dropbox integration.

Migration guide

Starting today, you can find the migration guide in the “References” section of the Dropbox Platform homepage.

The goal of this guide is to give developers all the necessary information to start migrating API v1 apps to use API v2. It includes a mapping of v1 functionality to the v2 equivalents, syntax changes, as well as new platform features that you’ll need to be aware of. We’re open to feedback; if you see something that’s confusing, unexpected, or missing, please leave a comment on this blog post, or post a question on the forum.

Open issues

As you can see from the guide, most apps can fully migrate to v2 today. However, for apps with functionality that is not yet supported in v2, developers can still start working on the migration now (see section on hybrid mode). Rest assured that, before we retire v1, we’ll make sure that there is a documented migration flow for the remaining issues.

Here are the open migration issues that we’re planning to add to the migration guide before we retire API v1:

  • Supported functionality or equivalent workarounds for /team/log/get_events.

  • Objective-C SDK: Coming August 2016

  • Other SDKs (PHP, Ruby, etc): See our community SDK page, and learn how to make an SDK in the language of your choosing with Stone.

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