Build great web apps, directly in Dropbox

// By Greg Kurtz • Mar 18, 2013

Thousands of apps integrate with Dropbox to make it easier to manage your projects. With services like Paperplane, Scriptogram, and Site44, you can create simple websites and blogs that publish directly from Dropbox. You can even manage more complex Javascript apps in Dropbox with services like Backlift and Harp.

Now, our friends at Windows Azure are using the Dropbox Core API to let you manage full web apps directly from your Dropbox account. Just put your app's code in Dropbox and push it live with a click from the Windows Azure dashboard. You can make changes directly in Dropbox, and just deploy again so that your users have the latest and greatest version of your app!

The Windows Azure integration makes managing projects much easier: as a developer, you can collaborate with your whole team in Dropbox from any device, see older versions of your files, and even restore previous deployments.

Head over to Windows Azure to start building sites (and make sure you add some Dropbox magic to your app). And for more details on the new Dropbox deployment features, see their announcement blog post.

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