Chooser hits the mobile web

// By Chris Varenhorst • May 21, 2013
Today we’re releasing a rewrite of the Chooser to better support mobile websites. The Chooser currently works for the mobile web, but with this release we made it even better for a wider range of devices, regular web sites, mobile-optimized webapps, and reactive designs, too!
The new Chooser includes:
  • Mobile-friendly sign in
  • Touch event handling
  • High resolution UI assets (i.e. awesome new buttons)
  • Wide device support (works on iOS 5+ and Android 2.3+)
You can already check out the mobile web optimized version in the wild on Careerbuilder's mobile web site or our mobile web Chooser demo page. So get choosy today, take a look at our developer docs, and post any of your feedback on the forums.

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