Chunked Uploads Beta

// By Li Haoyi • Aug 09, 2012

Dropbox API developers know that uploading large files can be a pain. Apart from the 150MB limit on /files_put, the file itself may not fit in memory or the HTTP connection may time out or disconnect. Furthermore, if something happens half way through uploading a big file, there's nothing to do but to start all over again.

Last week, we released the beta of the /chunked_upload endpoint that solves these problems. This lets you upload a large file in multiple chunks spread over several requests, to be reconstituted on the server when everything has been sent. This neatly avoids the problems mentioned above, letting you easily upload a multi-gigabyte file over a spotty connection without worry.

To go along with the API beta, we’ve released special beta builds of the SDKs to expose this feature. Here’s a link to download it for your favorite language:

And browse the documentation to learn more.

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