DBX Platform launches with three new APIs

// By Rob Armstrong • Sep 20, 2017
Earlier today we announced the launch of our new DBX Platform, a unified suite of APIs and tools for developers. Since launching our first API in 2008, Dropbox has enabled over 500,000 developers to build connections to leading applications and tools. With your success, the platform has reached a scale of more than 2 billion API calls per day—and we’re just getting started.
Over the past year, we quadrupled our API endpoints and we’re going even further today with the launch of three more APIs into general availability:
  • The File Properties API, which includes the newly released File Properties endpoints, lets developers assign custom metadata labels and values to Dropbox files through their third party applications. Since we initially released File Properties in a preview state, we have made some changes and added new endpoints, including one to search the properties your application has added to files. We have also expanded permissions so that User and Team applications can create templates. Documentation is available here for File Properties user endpoints and here for File Properties business endpoints.
  • The File Requests API lets developers automate the creation of file requests and embed requests into other workflows. This new endpoint expands a widely used Dropbox feature that allows users to collect files and images from others through a simple link, even if the person uploading doesn’t have a Dropbox account. The endpoints allow you to create a request, list the requests, and update a request. Full documentation is available on the developer website.
  • The Paper API lets developers build Paper integrations directly into third-party applications, with create and edit functionality. For additional information please refer to the documentation on the developer website.
Dropbox is also planning UI, performance, and feature enhancements to our Chooser and Saver Drop-ins later this year. And by the end of 2017, we’ll be doubling the size of our ecosystem team, hiring new talent in Engineering, Product, Developer Relations, Marketing, and Business Development to keep the momentum growing.
This is just the beginning of a series of updates and improvements for our developers. We are excited to continue building with you! If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out or find us on our forum.

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