Debug your Dropbox app with app error logs

// By Li Chen Koh • Aug 07, 2014

EDIT [2015-04-20]: App error logs are disabled for now as we retool the infrastructure behind it. We hope to bring them back in the future!

Imagine a world where you can respond to bugs before your users even have a chance to report them. A world where debugging is simple, customers are satisfied, and sleeping soundly at night is possible.

Is this world even possible?


The new app error logs enable you to view API errors that your app encounters, allowing you to debug issues as they arise.

In many situations, particularly in mobile apps, it's difficult to collect debugging details. With this new feature, it's never been simpler. If you receive a support ticket from a frustrated user, you can search the error logs by their email address. You can also search by HTTP status code.

Excited? Awesome! To use this feature, you just need to do the following:

  1. Go to the App Console and click on your Awesome App!

     2. Click on the Error Logs tab.rn

     3. Calmly inspect some error logs.


    4. Knowledge is power. To squash some bugs, click on one of the logs for further details!


With great power comes great responsibility. Thus, the app error log redacts sensitive user information before displaying it to you. Your users' privacy is never at risk.

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