Dropbox 2048 saves your current game and high scores

// By Leah Culver • Mar 21, 2014

Update: The Sync and Datastore SDK has been deprecated. Learn more here.

Maybe you've seen the game 2048? It's fun and highly addictive. We've been playing it a lot (maybe too much?) here at Dropbox and thought it would be fun to add some modifications.

The original source code is on GitHub, so we forked it and added two new features that take advantage of the Dropbox Datastore API: the ability to save your current game and a list of your high scores.

Dropbox 2048

Our version, Dropbox 2048, will save your current game so that you can switch from computer to phone and pick up where you left off. It also shows your top 3 high scores along with the max tile value you achieved.

The Dropbox Datastore API provides an easy way to store game data for a user. Behind the scenes, the Datastore API actually stores the data in the user's own Dropbox. If you connect Dropbox 2048 with your Dropbox account, you can see your game data here.

By adding the ability to persist data to 2048, we've actually enabled a lot more new features to be built. So feel free to fork and add some more! Anyone want to add "undo"??

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