Dropbox API v2 launches today

// By Steve Marx • Nov 04, 2015

Today we're excited to launch Dropbox API v2!

We announced a preview of API v2 in April, and have continued to update and improve the API based on your feedback. As of today, Dropbox API v2 is ready to be used in all your Dropbox-connected apps. Thank you to the hundreds of developers who have already tried out API v2 in preview.

Our goal with API v2 is to provide a simpler, more consistent, and more comprehensive API. In addition to the API itself, we're also introducing clearer documentation, new SDKs and sample apps, and a brand new API Explorer that lets developers try API calls directly in the browser.

New SDKs

There are currently four SDKs for API v2: Swift, Python, .NET, and Java. We're continuing to add new SDKs, so watch the blog for upcoming announcements. All SDKs and documentation for API v2 are managed via a code generation process, which means that they're consistent across languages and easy to update as we add new API features.

File IDs

Developers have often asked us to support the notion of a file ID: a unique identifier for a file that remains constant even when the file is moved. We're pleased to announce that API v2 includes this highly-requested feature. Developers can now use file IDs instead of paths to make sure their apps don't lose track of a file when it's moved by a user.

Shared links and shared folders

In addition to creating shared links, apps can now list and revoke existing shared links. Apps can also, for the first time, programmatically share folders and manage folder policies and membership. We're excited to deliver this commonly-requested functionality, and we hope to see a new class of collaborative apps emerge as a result.

API Explorer

The Dropbox API Explorer lets you try out API calls directly in the browser. It's by far the easiest way to learn about the new API and see example requests and responses.

Other enhancements

As you explore the available endpoints, you'll notice a number of other small enhancements we've made. For example, /files/search now supports full-text search of content in Dropbox Business accounts. The new /files/list_folder endpoint combines the process of listing the contents of a folder and fetching updates to that content.

More to come

Today, API v2 is ready for you to use in your production apps, but that doesn't mean we're done. We have more endpoints to add and more SDKs and tutorials to write. In particular, you'll notice that Dropbox Business API v2 and the new shared folder endpoints are still in beta. We expect to take those out of beta soon, but we wanted to give developers a chance to give us feedback first. Please give API v2 a try and let us know what you think!

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