Dropbox at Hack the North

// By Eric Feng • Sep 23, 2015

This weekend, Leah and I were at the University of Waterloo sponsoring the student hackathon, Hack the North. We met students who flew in from across the continent, gave a talk on using the Dropbox API, and awarded a prize for the best use of the Dropbox API.

Thanks to all the students who hacked on the Dropbox API this weekend. Our API prize winner was FedUp, an Android app and website that protects its users during police encounters. The winning team met during summer internships in San Francisco and applied to Hack the North together. Congrats to Kevin Yang, Danny Eng, Francesco Polizzi, and Jeff Shaw! The code for FedUp is available on GitHub.

Congrats to the FedUp team!

Intro to Dropbox API talk

Leah and I gave a talk and demoed a sample app using the Dropbox API to help students get started hacking. If you’re interested, you can look through the slides here. The sample app allows you to browse past revisions of a file in your Dropbox using a combination of Drop-ins and the API. It is available on GitHub and running on Heroku, if you’d like to try it out.

Thanks to Hack the North for putting together a fantastic conference. It was great meeting everyone and seeing what can be built in a weekend. Keep hacking!

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