Dropbox, keeping PyCon in sync!

// By Eric Feng • Apr 22, 2015

Dropbox was out in full force at PyCon this year. We were the Financial Aid Sponsor for the event, hosted a workshop about how to use the Dropbox API, and had a lot of great conversations with attendees at our booth. Behind the scenes, the Dropbox platform kept PyCon speakers and captioners in sync through a custom Dropbox API app.

If you're curious about the Dropbox workshop, here are the slides and the full source code for PEP8 Squad, the demo app. PEP8 Squad reformats any Python file you drag into Dropbox according to PEP8's recommended style.
Try it live here!

PyCon also used Dropbox's API to distribute speaker decks and closed captions. Speakers uploaded their slides to Dropbox, and then shared the slides with caption writers. Captions writers submitted their changes using the Dropbox platform app DBinbox, and the raw caption files were shared with PyCon attendees via a Dropbox share link! If you're curious and would like to see the code, check out David Wolever's PyCon Slides project.

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