Introducing the Dropbox Sync API for mobile developers

// By Brian Smith • Feb 06, 2013

Update: The Sync and Datastore SDK has been deprecated. Learn more here.

Hey Developers!

Get ready to add some Dropbox magic to your apps with the Sync API for iOS and Android, a powerful new library that makes it easier than ever to sync with Dropbox. The API takes care of all the complexity around caching, syncing, and working offline so that you can focus on creating the best mobile apps – it's like having your own private Dropbox client built right into your app!

Dropbox, built in

The Sync API lets your app work with Dropbox as if it were a local filesystem on the device. We take care of syncing and caching for you so you can work on delivering the best apps and a seamless experience to your users across different devices and platforms.

Write locally, sync globally

You can quickly list the contents of a folder, or move, delete, and create files and folders locally and see the results immediately. The Sync API handles caching for you, retrying uploads and downloads, and quickly discovering changes, leaving you with a simple view of files and folders.

Work offline too!

Because the Sync API caches locally, your app works great even without an Internet connection. We'll sync things up when your app comes online.

Ready to start building? There's a few ways to start working with the Sync API: 

Example apps
Both the Android SDK and iOS SDK include a simple note-taking app that syncs with Dropbox. You'll discover how easy it is to create new files as well as read files using the Sync API.

Sync API tutorial
Create a new project and step through how to get started with the Sync API by reading our tutorials for Android and iOS.

API docs
If you're ready to add sync to your app, dive straight into the iOS or Android documentation to see everything you can do with the Sync API.
A few developers have been building with the Sync API already, and we’d like to thank them for the valuable feedback. Chris Cox, the developer of Squarespace Note, told us that it cut his Dropbox code in half! We’d also like to give a shout out to the Dropbox developer community for the requests that helped guide the development of the Sync API.
The possibilities are endless – give it a go, and give us your feedback. We can't wait to see the apps you create with the Sync API!

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