Listary - All your lists

// By Leah Culver • Sep 18, 2014

Update: The Sync and Datastore SDK has been deprecated. Learn more here.

Listary is a beautiful, fast, and simple iOS app for making lists.

Just like our sample Lists app, Listary uses shared datastores for sharing lists, and local datastores so you can use the app without logging into Dropbox first.

Here’s what Listary had to say about working with the Datastore API:

We decided to build a new Listary from scratch with a goal in mind xe2x80x94 to make it even faster, simpler and, specially, more reliable. As soon as we knew about Dropbox Datastores we had no doubt on going with it to support Listary syncing even not knowing, at that time, if sharing would be supported or not (we believed it would, though). Today, we are very happy about that decision!

Datastores just works! Its design is pretty simple and the provided SDKs are just great!

Even having to change a significant part of our syncing layer and data architecture in order to support sharing, we did it in a couple of days, and we really love the way sharing datastores was designed. Sharing lists is just a matter of sending links to other users that open Listary to start using them right away. And that's all this magical simplicity that we really love on Datastores.

Thanks Dropbox for doing such a nice service!

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