Meet the Dropbox Saver

// By Chris Varenhorst • Jul 09, 2013

These days, people are consuming more and more digital content across multiple devices and different platforms. But keeping track of downloads across your phone, computers, and tablets is a huge pain. We wanted to give people a quick and easy way to save it all in one secure place — even when on the go.

Today, we're introducing the Saver, our newest Drop-in. It lets users save files from your app directly to Dropbox with a single click. The Saver is now available for web apps with native versions for iOS and Android coming soon!


It's a cinch to set up. Just like the Chooser, you can integrate the Saver with a few lines of code.

Files are instantly available on all devices. Photos, videos, e-books, and other files saved from your app are instantly synced to Dropbox and available across all of the user's devices.

No interrupted downloads. Slow or failed downloads can be a headache, especially on mobile devices. Dropbox connects directly to your servers for fast and stable downloads. Saving continues even if the user's Internet connection drops. Content can also be cached by Dropbox so that the same file doesn't have to be downloaded over and over again from your servers.

One of the first services to integrate the Saver is Shutterstock, which connects creative professionals with photos, illustrations, videos, and more from contributors around the world. Now, Shutterstock has a "Save to Dropbox" option for downloading media straight to Dropbox.

"Integrating with Dropbox provides an easy, frictionless way for Shutterstock users to save large images and videos at a moment's notice." Wyatt Jenkins, VP of Product for Shutterstock

Keep your eyes peeled for the Saver in other apps like PicMonkey, WooThemes, Outbox, Readlists, FetchApp, Loudr, and Chec.

To learn how to integrate the Saver into your apps, check out the developer documentation. Try it out and give us your feedback!

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