New API enhancements to support Team Spaces

// By JJ Kass • Feb 09, 2018

Customers turn to Dropbox Business because they want a single, central place to store their team's content. Today, individual users can share content amongst themselves and admins can publish content into select folders. But, we know that a lot of teams would value a coherent, shared collaborative space.

We are beginning to roll out the release of a team-centric Dropbox Business model that introduces a shared collaborative space called Team Spaces. Dropbox Business accounts with Team Spaces will have unified shared space for all team members, where users can add and remove access for individuals or groups anywhere in the filesystem. Note that the Team Spaces feature will be rolled out over time on a per-team basis

If you are a developer running an application used by teams, these changes may impact your integrations with Dropbox. The primary difference is the introduction of the path root, which serves as the entry point to all content available to the user. An app that is not updated for path root will continue to function without error, but will not be aware of content available in the new shared workspace. 

The new Dropbox-API-Path-Root header allows developers to suppor t both current teams & new teams with team space with minimal code change. See our new Namespace Guide for additional details on Dropbox-API-Path-Root.

Additionally, shared folders within Team Space now allows for finer grain permission control through the new set_access_inheritence call and  sharing_info metadata.

If you have any questions, you can always reach us on our forum or via our contact form.

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