New API v1 - It's official!

// By Dropbox Api Team • Oct 22, 2011

We're happy to announce that version 1 of the API is now live. We've been beta testing this version over the last month, and it's a major improvement in terms of both functionality and developer experience. Here's a list of the most significant changes we've made in this release.

Enhanced calls

  • metadata - Allows you to optionally list deleted files.

  • files (POST) - File uploads now accept an overwrite parameter to help prevent accidentally overwriting data.

  • New rev parameter - All metadata objects include a rev parameter, which is intended to replace revision. It is an opaque string type and can be passed to various calls to indicate a particular version of a file.

New calls

  • files_put - Upload files to Dropbox with an easier interface.

  • revisions - Access users' file revision history.

  • restore - Restore a file to a previous revision.

  • search - Search Dropbox for files.

  • share - Create shareable links to files in Dropbox.

  • media - Stream files directly from Dropbox.

New SDKs

We've updated all our SDKs. We now have Android and Objective-C mobile SDKs, and fully featured Python, Ruby, and Java packages for web developers. We've rebuilt them so they're easier to use, and they also include documentation and example apps to help get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Better security

API security has been enhanced:

  • We've introduced App folders: app-specific folders that Dropbox will automatically create and keep track of, even when users move or rename them.

  • Authentication is done exclusively with OAuth, meaning your app never needs to handle login information. With the iOS and Android SDKs, we've optimized the OAuth flow to use the official Dropbox app, making linking your app faster than before.

  • All API calls are done over SSL.

What about v0?

Right now, version 0 of the API still works exactly as it did before. However, you should upgrade to v1 when you get a chance, not only because of all the new features but also because we'll be phasing out v0. Don't worry though, we'll give you plenty of time and notice before deprecating v0.

- The API Team

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