New Sample: Image Flipping Extension

// By Ruben Rincon • Jul 30, 2020

In late June of 2020, Dropbox opened Extensions to everybody. Using Extensions, developers can offer users an entry point to their app directly from a file in Dropbox.

We’ve excited to release a new sample to help developers that are new to building with Extensions: the Image Flipping Extension.

Screenshot of the sample image flipping Extension interface
Interface for the sample image flipping Extension

The sample takes you through creating and configuring the Extension on Dropbox as well as running the code to see the Image Flipping Extension in action. It includes sample implementations of an OAuth flow, downloading and uploading a file to Dropbox, creating a shared link, and even how to work with Team Spaces. Follow the instructions in the README and you’ll be flipping images in no time!

Is this your first time reading about or working with Dropbox Extensions? There are a few other resources that you should know about:

Extensions allow users to transition from Dropbox to your app while keeping the context of the file they’re working on. We’re excited to see what folks build!

We’re here to help if you have any feedback or questions about extensions. Join the discussion on our community forum.

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