New team events API available now

// By JJ Kass • May 08, 2018

Developers building for Dropbox Business can now use the new team events API to power their workflow and analytic applications.

Dropbox Business provides an activity log that records all of the key events taken on a team. An admin on a Business team can use the events in the Admin Console to audit and monitor activity within the team. We have re-written the corresponding API from the ground-up with over 300 events available. The new v2 API ( team_log/get_events ) improves upon its v1 predecessor with a rich schema, new attributes, and detailed per-event documentation that makes it easy to work with all event types.

Developers can use the team events API to power a variety of applications, including: 

  • Real-time workflow applications, which poll the endpoint looking for particular events to initiate actions
  • Security information and event management (SIEM) applications, which look for anomalies or policy violations and send alerts
  • Business Intelligence tools, which aggregate events and provide insight into how the team works and collaborates

If you’re interested in building with the team events API or want to learn more, we’d love to hear what you’re thinking and talk through the use case you’re trying to solve. Post in the developer forum to get the conversation started.

If you previously built an application using the v1 /team/log/get_events, we’ve written a migration guide to help you move your apps onto v2 team_log/get_events.

Need help with anything else? You can contact us here.

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