New Test Apps, iPhone SDK, and Documentation

// By Dropbox Api Team • Jul 21, 2010

The Dropbox developer team has been hard at work and today we have some exciting news to share about the Dropbox API.

First off, we've opened the API to all mobile developers! Now when you register a new app, you are given a developer key by default. This key gives you an all-access pass to your own Dropbox account from within your mobile application. Once you've developed a working application ready for the public, simply apply for production status from the application's option page.

Upon approval, your users will be able to access their own Dropbox accounts using your app. Please note, we are still only approving production keys for mobile apps for now. We plan to open up the API to web applications in the future, however we have yet to set a release date. We've also made a few other improvements to the Dropbox Developers website:

  • A new SDK for iPhone, which now includes standardized UI elements for user sign-up and login

  • New sample apps for iPhone and Android. Use these apps as a template for authentication or as an entry point for learning more about the SDK.

  • Revamped documentation, which includes more detailed docs for the REST API including troubleshooting advice and error code descriptions.

This is just a sample of the improvements we have on our drawing board. We're committed to continually making the Dropbox API better and easier to use. As always, if you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact us.

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