Retiring the Deprecated Version 0 API

// By The Dropbox Api Team • Aug 17, 2012

Last year, we announced version 1 ("V1") of the Dropbox API. V1 introduced many new features including mandatory OAuth authentication which is more secure and gives users control over how applications access their data. We are excited that the majority of developers and apps have already moved to V1.

As part of the V1 announcement, we also mentioned that we'd be phasing out version 0 ("V0") of the API. Today we want to let you know that we'll be retiring version 0 on December 1st, 2012. After December 1st, the V0 API will be shut down and applications using it will no longer be able to make calls. Retiring V0 is an important step in improving security for Dropbox users as well as enabling new features in the API.

If your application still uses V0 API or an older SDK, please plan to migrate before this date. You can also find a more detailed explanation of the changes in V1 in our migration guide. For special cases, we can provide an extension.

Please contact with any questions or to apply for an extension.

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