Supercharged productivity with Dropbox apps

// By Sean Lynch • Sep 12, 2013

Unless you’re an IT manager, you may not know that we offer Dropbox for Business, which allows large teams and organizations to easily collaborate on work files. People at more than two million businesses use Dropbox at work to share files and collaborate on projects, even more use Dropbox individually to get things done.

Power users know the easiest way to supercharge their productivity is by linking their Dropbox to any of the 100,000+ apps our developer community has built on the Dropbox Platform. So we're letting the rest of our users in on the secret with our new Dropbox for Business apps page, a spotlight for just a few of the apps that work well with Dropbox.

Each of these apps integrates the Dropbox Platform in their own unique way: Smartsheet added the Chooser to their web app with just a few lines of JavaScript, while CloudOn uses the Core API to connect the full power of Dropbox to their app in the cloud. But these and thousands of other apps connected to Dropbox have one thing in common: they make users super-productive. We're excited to see how you harness the power of the Dropbox Platform to help your users work more efficiently from anywhere.

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