SwiftyDropbox v0.2

// By Leah Culver • Jun 04, 2015

There’s a new version of our Swift SDK for API v2: SwiftyDropbox v0.2

This week we made a breaking change to the serialization format of the API v2 preview. SwiftyDropbox has now been updated it accordingly. All you need to do to upgrade to SwiftyDropbox v0.2 is change the version number in the tag of your Podfile like so:

platform :ios, '8.0'
pod 'SwiftyDropbox', :git => 'git@github.com:dropbox/SwiftyDropbox.git', :tag => '0.2'

then run:

pod update

In SwiftyDropbox v0.2, we’ve also added a Dropbox helper class to make everything cleaner and simpler in the case where your app only expects each user to link one Dropbox account. Check out the original blog post about SwiftyDropbox for updated example code.

SwiftyDropbox is still in preview mode so watch for more changes!

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