Test your apps with up to five users

// By Chris Varenhorst • Jan 14, 2012

A number of you have noticed that there was something missing in our API development process: testers. Until today, only one user could use an app while it was in development. Now, you can allow up to five other users.

With additional users, you can share an app with a few friends, finally test sharing, or ship it off to your QA team.

To enable the new feature, view your app's Options page from My Apps. You'll see a new section named Additional users. Click Enable additional users to turn it on. Now, feel free to send the app to up to five users.

Once someone uses your app's Dropbox functionality, the email address associated with their Dropbox account will appear here. You can disable access at any time by returning to this page and clicking the Remove next to their email.

Once your app is fully baked, please remember to apply for production status before you release it to the world. Applying for production status gives us a chance to ensure your app works well with the API and follows our guidelines, and approval opens up your app's API access to unlimited users.

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