The Chooser, now for iOS and Android

// By Josiah Boning • Jul 09, 2013

Update: The Dropbox iOS and Android Choosers are now deprecated.

Last November, we launched the Chooser as a quick way to integrate Dropbox into your apps. Today, we’re launching the Chooser for iOS and Android. For the first time, users will be able to bring their files into your mobile app directly from Dropbox.


Easy integration

With just a few lines of Objective-C, Java, or JavaScript, you can integrate the Chooser into your apps and quickly tap into hundreds of millions of Dropboxes.

Clean, consistent UI

The Chooser works across platforms and provides a simple and clean interface for users to select files so you don't have to build your own from scratch.

Preview or download links

You can generate preview URLs or direct links to files. This allows you to decide whether you'd like to rely on Dropbox to host files or manage file hosting on your own.

Simple permissions

Apps are only granted access to files that users explicitly choose, and users don't have to go through cumbersome OAuth flows. We're thrilled that companies and teams of all sizes have already integrated the Chooser into their iOS and Android apps, including Yahoo! Mail, Mailbox, TextMe, Asana,, Pic Stitch, Boxer,, and Simple.
"Using Dropbox's new Chooser SDK, in just three hours we built a new feature that lets our customers seamlessly attach a PDF or image to transactions in Simple for iPhone." Dustin Barker, Simple's Director of Mobile
To get started, explore our documentation and download the SDKs for Android or iOS. Try it out and give us your feedback!

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