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// By Kannan Goundan • Mar 28, 2012

The single biggest feature request since we launched the API is the ability to keep up with changes to files in a user's Dropbox. So, we're happy to announce that the /delta call is out and ready to use in production!

It returns a list of files and folders that have been added, deleted, or modified since the last time you called /delta, allowing you to update your local state incrementally to match. This is much more efficient than using /metadata to achieve the same thing. (You still have to poll periodically to see if /delta has any changes to report.)

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback during the beta period.

Two other updates:

  • /copy_ref is now also out of beta. You can use it in production to programatically copy files directly between two Dropbox accounts (with permission from both users). No need to download and re-upload files.

  • Last, we've also added a new SDK for OS X developers (in addition to our existing iOS SDK). This will make distributing through the Mac App Store easier. If you've already used the iOS SDK, the OS X SDK will be a snap.

The new OS X SDK and updated SDKs are available at the usual spot. If you have any feedback, let us know on the forums.

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