Announcing: Dropbox app metrics

// By Li Chen Koh • Jun 26, 2014

Li Chen Koh is a summer 2014 intern at Dropbox on the Developer Platform team.

Have you ever wondered how much your users interact with your app? Have you released a new version of your app and wanted to see how many users you gained? Or do you just want to lean back and smugly admire the fruits of your labor, the extent of your app's dominion over the world?

Rejoice, for you can answer these questions with absurd ease using the graphs that we provide:

  1. Total number of users of your app.

  2. The number of new users your app gains each day.

  3. The number of API calls your app makes each day.

Excited? Awesome! To use this new feature, you just need to do the following:

  1. Jump onto the App Console at

        2. Click on your Awesome App!


        3. Click on the App Metrics tab.


        4. While sipping your favorite drink, inspect how awesome your app is!

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