dropbox_hook.py: a tool for testing your webhooks

// By Steve Marx • May 16, 2014

A lot of early questions we got after launching the new webhooks feature were around how to develop and test a webhook locally.

I put together a small command-line tool to make testing webhooks easier. It's called dropbox_hook.py, and it sends fake webhook requests to mimic what Dropbox itself sends.


To generate a verification request, run the following:

dropbox_hook.py verify

To do that, run the following:

dropbox_hook.py notify --secret abc123xyz --user 12345678

The --secret option should be your Dropbox app secret. The --user option should be a numeric Dropbox user ID. (In your production app, you'll retrieve a user's user ID during OAuth or by calling /account/info.)

Get the tool

The full source code for the tool is on Github: github.com/dropbox/dropbox_hook. Feel free to open issues or submit pull requests with changes!

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